Passion to preserve and protect the industry that brings so much enjoyment to Ohioans.

Recreational boating in Ohio has a $3.6 billion annual economic impact. It provides more than 19,500 direct and indirect Ohio jobs in over 770 boating businesses.

For 65 years, LEMTA has been a hallmark for collaborative thinking, strategic development and a passion to preserve and protect the industry that brings so much enjoyment to so many Ohioans. While we’re proud of all we’ve accomplished in wake, our eyes are fixed on a steady course to more success for all our members in the future. Please join us in that effort.


As a trade association, we have a single priority – helping our members be more successful. Amid constantly changing times, we’re continuously responding with services our members demand and increased the value that your membership dues purchase for you.

LEMTA’s been around since 1957 when a handful of boat dealers decided to organize an indoor winter boat show in Cleveland to serve the northern Ohio market. Today, the association includes about 100-member marine businesses and is engaged in marketing programs, educational efforts and legislative initiatives.

To learn more and consider becoming a member, please explore all this website offers, then complete an application and join our group of successful marine businesses.

It Takes a Solid Team

While LEMTA serves the marine industry throughout northern Ohio from its headquarters in Westlake, its success is a team effort that includes a small full-time staff, many advisors, part-time help, contractors and many LEMTA members who are elected to the Board of Directors and/or who generously give of their time to serve on key committees.

Interested In Work?

Michelle Burke – President

Karen Fletterick – Accounts Receivable

Jennifer Lasher – Accounts Payable

Amanda Sines – Government Affairs Representative

Ken Alvey – Legislative Liason, Past President

Norm Schultz – Public Relations, Senior Advisor, Past President

Nicole Hahn – Media Relations and Advertising

Kelly Kashmarek – Show Sales and Vendor Relations

Adam Taseff & Dan Boich with Lewis Eldred
Experiential Marketing and Activations

Sponsorship Inquiries

Working Together Makes It Happen


Tom Mack  – Chairman
Gary Tennefoss – 1st Vice Chairman
Scot Taylor – 2nd Vice Chairman
John Sima -Secretary
Bill Schaeffer – Treasurer
Jason Clemons – Trustee
Rob Morley – Trustee
Jack Madison – Trustee
Rocky Piacentino- Trustee
Todd Armstsrong – Trustee
John Sima – Indusrty Advisor
Bill Huffman – Legal Counsel
Jim Armingtion – Past Chairman

Scholarship Committe

Jim Stouffer – Catawba Island Club
Bill Schaeffer – Beaver Park Marina
Bill Huffman – Legal Counsel

Executive Committee

Tom Mack – South Shore Marine
Jim Armington – Buckeye Sports Center
Gary Tennefoss – Ravena Marine

Marketing Committe

Gary Tennefoss – Ravenna Marine
Tom Mack – South Shore Marine
Rock Piacentino – Catwaba Morrings
Jason Clemons – Clemons Boats
Norm Shultz – NASCO

Membership Committee

Bill Schaeffer – Beaver Park Marine
Todd Armstrong – Boat Masters Marine

Technology Committee

Sandro D’Amicone – Roaming Rock Marina
Jim Armington – Buckeye Sports Center
Gary Tennefoss- Ravenna Marine
Rocky Piacentino – Catawba Moorings
Tom Mack – South Shore Marine
Bill Schaeffer – Beaver Park Marina
Rob  Morely – River Front Marine
Jason Clemons – Clemons Boats

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