We are the Voice of Ohio Boating

BAO advocates for all Buckeye Boating Families and the Dealers, Marinas and Service businesses that make up the Ohio Marine Industry.

As a LEMTA member, a portion of your LEMTA dues is automatically transferred to fund the work of the Boating Associations of Ohio (BAO). From Lake Erie on the north to the mighty Ohio River on the south; BAO advances measures that protect the health and viability of the state’s abundant lakes and rivers; protects the interests of Ohio’s boating industry, and speaks for Ohio’s half-million boat-owning families that recreate on our waterways.

How LEMTA Advocates

LEMTA founded and directs all BAO activities. It contracts with Government Advantage Group to provide continuous monitoring and government affairs support. Through Amanda Sines at Government Advantage, LEMTA crafts strategic goals to assist our member businesses to be more successful. Amanda regularly works with members of the Ohio Senate, House, and all applicable Executive agencies to advocate on behalf of our industry.

Through BAO, LEMTA proactively works to introduce legislation, testify before committees and provide input on any state budget priorities related to boating. We work with agencies such as the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to ensure boating interests are at the forefront.

We monitor all bill introductions daily so we are able to quickly identify any proposed legislation that may impact members. When a bill of interest is identified, it’s quickly provided to LEMTA leaders to assess impact and develop a necessary for-or-against strategy. While our members are the experts in the industry, Government Advantage Group is expert at filtering arguments and crafting tailored messaging that will be the most successful in emphasizing the industry’s position on any legislation or regulatory action.

Sometimes it’s what never happens that benefits you most as a LEMTA member. Often, LEMTA through Bao stops a proposed law or regulation before it sees daylight. You may never have to worry about it, and our job is to see you don’t have to!

Yes, your support through membership in LEMTA is more than a chance to be informed and network within our Ohio boating industry, it’s really a very small investment that ensures and enlarges your success as a business. Join us.

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